Livect Teaser

LIVECT is an Interactive Art Project that explores the possibilities to detect real-time body motion
using a Microsoft Kinect Sensor. It is a study of the human body as it marks its position in space and time.
Using “natural interaction movements” captured from a dancer’s body, this experimental project investigates
the potential of combining ‘Generative Design’ into live performances and 3D motion capture/tracking.

Written in Quartz Composer, Max 6 and openFrameworks, Livect [ver 2.0] is a new intuitive application that
measures the depth of the body in order to create custom particle emitters and 3D meshes inside a virtual world.

LIVECTdeveloper / Sound Design: SALVO NOSTRATO
Director of Photography: GUALTIERO FISAULI
Live Visuals / Design / Animation: MANUEL SUCCI
Dancer / Choreography: JALIENNE LI
Dancer / Choreography: ELENA COCCI

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